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Your data is stored in secure cloud servers with limited access to the Yoman team. All communication between you and the servers is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. We take privacy issues seriously to make sure that no other Yoman user or anyone else may access your data unless you explicitly share it.
When you sign up to Yoman, you can freely use the system with all of its features for an unlimited amount of time. The only limit is on the number of contacts, which is set to 50. For the first two weeks, even that limit is taken away as you can try the system with any number of contacts. As you grow and get used to the system, you will eventually want to upgrade to unlock an unlimited amount of contacts.
When you're ready to upgrade, just click Upgrade and enter your credit card info. You will automatically be charged according to the number of people with whom you shared your sheets. If you shared your sheets with 4 more people (total 5 people including yourself), you will be charged for all of them. As you share with more people, the price will automatically change every year. If you need to remove people from your team (and pay less), you can always remove them at the Manage Sheets screen.
You can easily cancel at anytime. Hassle-free.
Yes! Just sign up and click the arrow (caret) button near each column header. You can make columns of listboxes, dates, e-mails and more. Check it out!
You bet we do. Our team members are the friendliest folks around. We love answering your questions, and are quite fast too.

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