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Frequently Asked Questions

Just COPY from Excel and PASTE into the first cell (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V).
Or, you can export into a CSV file from Excel, and click Import CSV below the sheet in Yoman.
Click on the Search button at the left pane. The search is already customized to your own columns, as you defined them! So you can filter by Status (see only New leads), Assigned to (see only my leads), and more. You can even see only the rows modified in the last week or any number of days.
Expand a row (click the blue triangle), and then click Set Reminder. The new reminder you set will appear in your Tasks List as well as your Yoman calendar and Google calendar (if configured). You can even click a link in your Google calendar to open Yoman with that specific customer open.
Expand the customer row (blue triangle), then click Set Appointment. You will see your calendar with all your events, including events from your Google calendar (if synced). In the appointment in your Google calendar, you have link to directly open the contact in Yoman.
For the first time, there are no more fights around "who changed which cell in the spreadsheet". Yoman provides visibility so you can see a full timeline of all changes to the sheet, including who changed the cell and to which value. Just make some changes to the sheet, and click on the Activity Log in the left pane to open it and see your changes.
Besides that, we also have real-time collaboration. When your team members update a cell, you'll see it blinking in real-time.
Yoman is very customizable! Just click the little down arrow next to the column names and choose a type for the column. You can make columns of types E-mail, Phone Number, and even have dropdown lists for which you choose the values.
Sure, just click on Sync Google Calendar in the Yoman calendar. To open it, click Options->View Calendar. Once you do that, all your next appointments and reminders will be automatically synced to your Google calendar. Just make sure to be logged into your Google account while using Yoman.
You can attach any file to a customer row by expanding it and clicking on "Attach File".
In the tasks view, you see all of your upcoming reminders and appointments in chronological order. So you always know what to do next! You can click on any item to open the related row in the spreadsheet. So you don't have to search for it! Just open it and you can right there update information, and postpone a reminder or set it to done.
Some people have spreadsheets with 1000's of rows. It is totally unnmanageable! What can you do? Using Yoman, you can set reminders and appointments for the relevant clients only. Then, even for a spreadsheet of 2000 rows, you can have only 20 tasks, linked to the most relevant clients that should be handled immediately. This way, you no longer have to scroll through 1000's of rows every day. Your daily tasks are right in front of you. Best of all, from any task you can directly access the relevant spreadsheet row, write comments, set more reminders and appointments for it, etc. It's a new way to work with spreadsheets!
And of course, you can always filter the sheet to see only specific kinds of contacts (only new, only assigned to you, etc.) to make browsing the sheet more manageable.
As of today, we're still working on our mobile apps. However, you can access Yoman from your mobile browser to make quick updates. It is also possible to generate a webform and use it from your mobile device to quickly add rows to the sheet. It is also possible to open Yoman in the Chrome Webstore, and click on Install. This will also add a shortcut link to your mobile Android device (if it uses the same account). Another way to add/search for contacts from your mobile device is using the Slack plug in. Just login using your Slack account, and click Add to Slack from the Slack applications marketplace.
Using Yoman, it's never been easier to send mass-emails. Just filter the sheet for the specific clients you want to send to (using Search at the left pane). Then, click Options->Send All and type in your email.
Using Yoman, all changes are trackable. So you can see all changes under the "Activity Log", and even revert them! (using the little x button at the top right).
Ask us - we're here for you at: info@yoman.io