Billing Policy

When will I be billed?
When you start your paid plan, we start billing you on a monthly basis.

Can I purchase an Annual plan for Yoman?
Yoman offers annual pricing at a 10% discount for your account. Please email for details.

What payment methods does Yoman accept?
Yoman accepts all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I cancel my account and get a refund?
You may cancel your account at any time, however, we do not offer refunds. We encourage you to use your account until the end of your billing cycle.

What shall I do if my account is past due?
If your account is past due, please update your payment information to reactivate your account premium plan. Upon successful payment, your account will be reactivated, and you will regain full access.

How am I billed for licenses?
Yoman's pricing is based on the number of licenses you have on your account, therefore, you will be billed at the same time you add a license to your Yoman account. You will be billed for each added license on a prorated basis for the remainder of the current billing cycle, and then will be billed in full at the start of the next cycle.
Note: You will be billed for the total licenses on your account, not the active users.

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